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20. How to Steal A Dodg
Barbara O'Conors
Its about this girl named Georgina and her very sadly poor family. Theirs her, her mom, her brother Toby and her dad that they sad caused all this trouble. Well Georgina's father left them in a car with only a jar full of a bit of money. Georgina lives in a car because they could not pay the rent they had, so they got kicked out with only some of their stuff.Georgina's mother is trying all she can to get them an apartment, so she has 3 [[#|jods]]!! Yet it's still not enough to be able to pay nthe rent of a apartment. So Georgina come up with a plan when she sees a sign for a [[#|missing]] pet witha reward of a lot of money. Sge said that they had to steal a dog then the family woulg put up signs with a reward. But she did not want just any dog she wanted one that was loved very much. That had a family that would pay anything to find him. So Gergina comes up mwith very risky and confusing plan to steal the dog and not get caught. So if you want to know if she can [[#|complete]] her plan and get away with it. Also, get the money she needs read this amazing book.
21. Gifted Hands
Gregg Lewis and Deborah Shaw Lewis
Gifted Hands is about an amazing man named Ben Carson. He is a famous nerosurgeon and medicalist. But he didnt always have a great life he has faced many problems. When he was young he was very poor and wasnt the smartedest kid in school they even made him a nick name it was "class dummy" . His mother always told him that if he works hard he van do anything he wants. So when he moither saw that Ben was failking everything she decide to to make him read and not watch more tv only three shows a week. Then he did and started to know more question in school and even the teacher ands students started to notice. Then when he was reading something he decide when he grew up he wanted to be a doctor. He started to notice one issue, he had a slight anger problem. He once almost killed his friend, so then he asked God to help him and get rid of all his anger. Next day he woke up sop happy and noticed he was no loger anragged. So Ben Carson went to Yale college and was one of the most honest in his school. He graduate and became a doctor well actually a nerosurgon and was famous. If you would like to seem some amazing surgeries he has done read this book.

22. Bolivia In Pictures
Visual Geography Series
This book is about Bolivia, and everthing about the land, history and goverment, the people, and the economy. Two very interesting facts to me, that I learned from this book was, 'Among the highest mountain in the world, the Andes dominate nearly two-fifths of Bolivia". My second fact is boys wear chullos which is a lnitted hat with ear flapes. I learn a lot more, but if you would like to learn about Bolivia read this book.

23. Schooled
Gordon Korman
Schooled is about this boy named Capricon Anderson, who lived in this unfamiliar place called Garland Farm. This place is a tiny town with not many people, he lived their with his grandma Rain. Well she not his real grandma, when he was younger both his parents died. He also, was homeschooled by Rain, so he nevr watched tv or barely had any friends. Until one day Rain was in a tree picking plums, when she fell out of the tree. She got horribly hurt and Capricorn didn't know what to do because they don't have phones. So he decided to drive Rain to the hosptial and hes only 13 and got introuble with the police. Now he has to go to a real middle school until Rain is able to leave. So this women named Mrs. Donnelly who decided to take care of him un til Rain is better. Capricorn is horified to go to middle school and leave Rain.Now he has to tryto fit in with evryone else and when he came toi school it was time to pick a president. A mean kid at school named Zach decides to tell his friend to elect him, to make a full of him. Since has no clue whats going on. If you want to see if Carpricorn wins president and learns to fit in read this book.

24.Jermey Fink The Meaning Of Life
Wendy Mass
This book is about this boy named Jermey Fink also his bestfriend Lizzy. They are just normal kid, maybe a bit more on the wierd side. Jermey lives with his mother because his father died, their dad thinks he died because when they were at a fair a fortune teller told him he would live to be forty then die. They were wrong he died at 39 their dad believe that the fortune teller was righ, but that's a crazy story. Now Jermey was turning 13 in couple months when he recieved got a box for his mom and took it to their apartment. Jermey's friend Lizzy kept trying to convince Jermey to open his moms box, until finally he gave in and did. When he realize it was for him sent from his dad and it had a bunch of notes and news letter that before Jermey's dad died he was making that. On the box ingraved it said Jermey Fink The Mean Of Life. He read a note from the person who kept the box til Jermey was 13 and their was part of the box locked with a chain lots of them. And it needed a key but the person who kept the box lost it and couldnt find it. So Jermey wasnt sure how to get this box open, to get to the other note and stuff. Sop if you want to know if Jermey gets the box open and finds whats inside read this book.

25. Little Miss Red
Robin Palmer
This book is about a girl named Sophie Rebecca Greene. For spring break Rebecca deciedes to spend it at her grandmothers house. She expects it to be a normal visit, but it's not she ends up meeting a super cute guy, she never expected to meet. Sophie is the kind of girl who could do nothing bad she sweet and kind and just is a good girl. She has alway wanted to do some crazy and fun exciting things but nevr could get herself to do it. Until that cute boy ends up being a bad boy who on the wild side. And has Sophie confused shes not sure if she should go on the wild side with him when he noticed her, or if she should stay safe and good. If you want to know how this story ends read this book.

Name of the
3 Sentence [[#|Summary of]] the Book
1.Ida B
Katherine Hannigan
Ida B is about a [[#|girl]] named Ida B Applewood, and she is homed schooled.
She belives that there's not enough time for fun. She loves to go outside, and [[#|listen]]
and talk to trees and the brook. Then one day for some reason all the trees
were very silent. She wondered why some of the trees were saying bad things were going to come her way.

This book is all about penguins and what they [[#|eat to]] stay healthy and what they can't eat. It also talks about were they live on Earth, and
what state, [[#|country]] or area. It talks about their speed and way of life. They also talk about about how big or tall Penguins can
get and the different kinds of penguins their are.

This is about how elephants eat, and the way they defend themselves. It talks about there size and they give [[#|information]] about
what they eat and how much they eat per day. I found out they defend themselves with their tusks and that they fight for things like to
protecting there babies. The book also says that they weigh more than a ton, and a lot about their height, size and weight.
Holes is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats and it tells about curse on his family. Then one day he get accused of stealing a pair
of famous shoes. He went to court and they allowed him to choose between going to jail or going to Camp Green Lake.He chose to go to Camp Green Lake he thought it would be like a regular camp, but as he soon found out, it wasnt.
5.Bridge to Terabithia
It's about a girl named Leslie Burke and a boy named Jess Aarons have a weird friendship. One day they found a place and create a imaginary
place called Terabithia. They made themselves the king and [[#|the queen]] of Terabithia to rule. Then the had a terrible thing happen, let just say that it changed Jess's life.
6. Al Capone Does my Shirts
It's about a boy named Moose flanagan and his sister Natalie.Natalie has autism, which makes make it very hard for their family to [[#|control]] her.
Natalie is also amazing at [[#|math]]. Her brother is also very smart. Moose knew it was going to be very different from there home. Natalie was trying to get into a school to be helped with her autism,her first interview she made it but got kicked out.then she had a retry if you want to see if she makes it then [[#|read]] this book.(Best Book)
7. Aquamarine
Aquamarine is about two [[#|girls]] Hailey and Claire who live at Capri Beach Club their bestfriend/neighbors. One day there was terrible storm that was going to cause the Capri Beach club to [[#|close]] down in a week. they were outside after the storm and they found a mermaid named Aquamarine in a pool because of the storm. She was on land because she wanted to [[#|find love]], because in her home they pick who you marry not who you love so she ran away a week before the [[#|weeding]].So Aquamarie said that if Claire and Hailey helped her find love that she would grant them a wish.. If you want to find out the wish and if Aquamarie finds love then [[#|read]] this book.
8. The Mysterious [[#|Guest House]]
Mysterious Guest House is about Sammy and Brian they are detectives. In this book they solve the mystery of who took the [[#|ruby brooch]] from a old cabinet that used to belong to there [[#|father]]. So the told the suspects to all come to a hotel to question all of them to find out who took the brooch, but they kept it a secret. If you want to find out who stold it you have to read the book.
9. 101 Amazing Optical Illusions
This book is about 101 really cool optical illusions. They also tell you why you see it in very wacky ways. They tell you how you actully see every thing upside down but it looks right side up. My favorite is one that you cover a bird cage with your hand and stare at a bird that's red then quickly take your hand away and lok into the cage then you see a green bird.
10. The Cross Key Caper
This about Sammy and Brian detectives. In this sery they solved the mystery of a bunch of burlglary and also very strange behavior un a farmers market. You have to read the book to find out who did it.
11. Al Capone Shines My Shoes
Gennifer Choldenko
Al Capone Shines My Shoes is about Moose and Natalie Flanagan.They live on alcatraz because their father took a job offering to be a guard. Natalie, Mooses sister came to visit from Esther P. Marrinoff school and it wasn't easy. They also ran into trouble when a litte mischiveous girl named piper made up a lie to get even with moose and got the family in trouble.Then everything started to go bad and then piper's mother got sick while she was pregnaut. So if you want to see if the flanagan's find there way out of trouble and piper's mom makes it you'll have to read the book.
12. Quiddith Through The Ages
It's about different thing they used in hogwart. They also talked about rules in games that you must folllow and the players also what they must do. They tell you what things are and how they worked and what they were made to, be also how used.
13. Indigo
Alice Hoffman
Indigo is about these kids who live in oak grove it's a very dried town with little water, they have a reason that they limited the water, there was a huge storm and flooded the town horribly. So they built a dam in the creek that caused the flood so it would never happen again. The name of these kids were trevor and Eli brothers and their friend Martha. Everyone in town thought that there was something fishy about those two brothers who ate raw fish and drank there water with salt. the boy always wanted to go to the ocean but there mother never took them. So then tem and Maratha decide they would run away to see the ocean and suddenly when they left they some how had a floud and if you want to know if every one makes it and what then happens to the town the read this book.
14. The Best Worst Christmas Pagent Ever
This is about a Christmas pageant that goes on every year. There is a little mix up in this years play, the herman the worse family in the world they lie,steal,smoke and hit little kids.When the pruducer get hurt and breaks her legs she cant direct so Miss. Brandel takes over. There are people who are the usel characters but this year no one want to play the parts. So suddenly the hermans decide to come to church for free food and service. then all the Herman take the places for all the characters then the Hermans take over. If you want to see if then can pull the play of read this book.
15. Among the Hidden
Margaret Peterson Haddix
Its about a time when you were only permitted to have two kids if you had more they would kill them.Their are people who inspect your house to make sure you dont have any extra kids. Their was a family that had one exter kid named luke and if you had a extra kid and the inspector find them they kill the extra. So this family has been hidding him for over 7 years and he was never found. Then one day from his hidden window he see in his neibors how a girl, but he know they have two other kids too. Then he sneeks out to see if its true that they have also a extra kid. If you want to know if it is a actully extra kid then read this book.
16.Diary of A Wimpy Kid/ Cabin Fever
It's about booy named Greg Heffely, there is school property damage and the first suspect Greg. Then their is a snowstorm and causes everyone a week off school, also they all get stuck in there house. Greg is scared that when all the snow melt then when he goes back to school he has to face the conciquences.He think that any punishment would be worse then being stuck with his family during the holidays.
17. Rules
Rules is about a brother and sister, Catherine aand her brother Daivd. Catherine is just a tipical 13 year old girl, but her brother is not sadly her brother has autism. Daivd though does not have the worst autism he goes to speech
classes. Catherine has made a bunch of rules so that people can't tell he has autism, the rules are pretty simple. Like "no toys in the fish tank" and "if it fits in your mouth , it's food. Catherine start to become VERY good friends with a kid named Jason from Daivds speech class. Then their is aslo, a new girl the same age a Catherine who just moved next to them when there old neighbors the Bowman move out. Her name is Kristi and Catherine is hoping that she will become a great friend who likes to at night would like to us flashlight to send messages to each other and swimm in the lake. Their is also Ryan who Catherine has alway hated because he was mean to david also, rude. Suddenly they all started to talk about this dance and Kristi wants Ctherine to ask Jason and she'll go with Ryan and they ould go together. Then everything starts to go bad and Kristi gets mad at Catherine and Catherine also, does something to upset Jason and sge does not know how to make everything ragain. So if you want to see if Catherine can manage to get everyone to like her again read this AMAZING book.
18. Stepping On the cracks
Mary Downing Hahn
Stepping On the Cracks is about this family the Bakers. The family members are Margret, Jimmy and her mom and dad. Margrets only brother was fighting currently in world war 2 and also, best friend Elizabeth brother Joe was also in war. They both never worried to much about there brothers mot coming home they belive in them. There's also Gordy and his gang, Elizabeth and Margret always hated Gordy he was mean and rude, but toward the end of the book do they start to have different feelings. they have always hated Gordy and never knew how to get revenge, but they fing out a big secret about gordy and they try touse it against him until they start to get involved. If you want to find out more read Steppin On the Cracks.
19. Diary of a Wimpy Kid / Dog Days
Dog Days is about Greg Heffley and his best friend Rowely. Well schoolhad just ended, and they had planned to have a great summer. their expectation were different then most people, most people went to the pool, played outside. unlike Greg and Rowely there were inside playing video games.its also Greg's birthday and he was so excited and gifts turned out strange and not all of he liked so if you want to see the gift and find out what else he does this summer read this book